Palmetto Kids Cooking offers a variety of nutritious cooking classes that are fun-filled, age-appropriate and bursting with hands-on cooking instruction.

You want to make sure your children are eating the foods that will keep them well.  Yet, it seems to be a constant struggle to get them to eat what they should.  We get it.  It's easier to unwrap a ready-made meal and go.  Something you know they will eat -- no hassles.

  • What if instead of just tossing things into your grocery cart, your children actually read the labels to see what they were putting into their bodies?

  • What if they returned the unhealthy choices to the shelf?

  • What if they were looking for only the healthiest ingredients for a meal they would prepare?

    Sound too good to be true?

    It’s not! We are making it happen! 

    Give us a try and see for yourself!


We teach kids about sugar alternatives, and simple nutrition hacks along with the life skill of cooking.

We will broaden the horizon of picky eaters. 

We are here to partner with you in nourishing your family.