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Simply put, we are passionate about children's health and wellness. Studies show that kids today who are overweight by fifth grade will most likely be obese teenagers. This goes to show that the food we eat, and lifestyle we live, can ultimately have an enormous impact on our short-term and long-term health. When we were younger, many of us were taught how to cook meals in school by taking part in home economics classes.  These classes, that taught what we consider a basic life skill, have all but disappeared.  We now live in an overly busy society that tends to resort to convenience and fast food meals that are overly processed, contain loads of additives and chemicals, and are just plain unhealthy. Preparing any kind of meal at home, let alone healthy, has become a lost art.


At Palmetto Kids Cooking, the classes we teach are designed to engage children as early as two years old. By educating our kids early on about whole foods and ingredients, we believe that we are one step closer to a healthier future. It begins with teaching kids how to make their own healthy meals and encouraging them to eat 'real food'. Our students love to take what they learned in our classes and recreate the recipes at home with their parents. We've discovered this changes the conversations about food altogether for their families and children start holding their parents accountable. By attending our classes, children are also taught to be more aware of what foods they are putting in their bodies, and we equip them the necessary tools to make healthier choices.


We understand... getting your child to eat anything 'healthy' can be a bit overwhelming. Because we are passionate about a our big, hairy, audacious goals, our instructors are up for the challenge. We believe we can change the world one child at a time. Getting kids actively involved in preparing meals is only the start. At Palmetto Kids Cooking, we are only using cooking as a tool to teach the future generations about how to better manage their health and lifestyle. Sure, we have a few tricks and hacks up our sleeves to get kids to eat green vegetables, but because we see a much bigger picture, we're not willing to give up easily. 


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Meet Kathy!

Kathy Trill is the Founder of Palmetto Kids Cooking. She is co-owner and the Creative Director for the company.

Kathy is driven to make the next generation stronger and healthier by teaching kids to prepare and eat real food with real ingredients. She is often found teaching classes where her humorous (and sometimes sassy) personality make classes fun and challenging.

In 2015, she left her position at a local university to pursue a dream of making the Next Generation Strong. Kathy has always loved being in the kitchen from the time she was a little girl and believes that cooking home-cooked meals is becoming a thing of the past. "Today, busy families resort to packaged foods with artificial ingredients and chemicals that don't belong in our children's bodies." In our classes, we teach nutrition and the importance of knowing exactly what is going into our bodies to make them stronger and healthier.

Kathy enjoys cooking and baking with her husband Steve. She also spends a lot of time with her grandchildren, Charlie and Jackson. When they are not in the kitchen you can find them on the track, #charlielovestorun.


PLEASE NOTE: A GPS may direct you through the neighboring strip mall to get to us. You CAN NOT enter through that way. The only entrance to the facility is through the entrance located on Dorchester Rd. The name of the church (same address) is Coastal Shores Baptist Church.