Dear Loyal Palmetto Kids Cooking Family,

As some of you may (or may not) know, I, Kathy, am still recovering from a mild traumatic brain injury (TBI) that I sustained in February of 2018. I was unable to communicate for several months (literally - my ability to identify numbers, dates and times has only recently started to come back in the beginning of 2019).

Walking through that journey with my husband Steve has made our relationship stronger. I guess I needed to be knocked in the head in order to allow someone to take care of me for once. Evidently being stubborn does not serve me well, and contrary to popular belief, I do not have as hard of a head as rumored.

The following blog post series I’ve so appropriately named ‘Thumped’ was written for our customers and friends who asked for details surrounding my head injury. If you have been with us since before the injury THANK YOU for being patient through all of this.

Here is the explanation as to why I fell off the map for approximately eighteen months.

If you are just joining us, WELCOME!

This is the first time sharing this with the public. It’s my story of the journey through Post Concussion Syndrome, a traumatic brain injury. I explain how the head injury happened, and how one pops back on track with a God-given mission.

WARNING: It’s lengthy, and I cuss a little.


Kathy Trill

Founder of Palmetto Kids Cooking

The ‘Thumped’ Series