Summer Fun!

Camp Cook and Glow is our premier event for children ages 5 - 12 years old. Children learn how to COOK alongside other children in their age group and also participate in physical activities each day that make them GLOW. Additional mini camps may also be available throughout the year during school breaks.

Since 2017, we were proud to announce that we moved Camp Cook and Glow to our new North Charleston location at 8310 Dorchester Rd. which features a much larger commercial kitchen than previous camps. Now, depending on the weather, physical activities can be held indoors in the gym, or outdoors on our spacious grounds. We are grateful for our partnership with Riverpoint Christian Academy.

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What is camp all about?


Each day instructors spend time discussing nutrition and the importance of taking care of our bodies through proper diet and exercise. Campers are given handouts and activities throughout the day that will focus on reading and following directions and using math skills in the kitchen for recipes.


Children work together as a team to produce several recipes during the week at Camp Cook and Glow. We do our best to use non-processed, non-GMO, certified organic ingredients in all of our recipes. We also focus on using more fruits and veggies and try to avoid foods with added sugar and artificial ingredients. 


We could spend all day cooking, but children tend to get the wiggles after using their noggins. This is why we incorporate physical fitness into our busy day. Each day we try to introduce campers to a different activity, so when selecting a specific week for your child, make sure to check out what activities are scheduled. Past camps have included martial arts, kids yoga, Kids Glow Fit, and various other fun outdoor games and activities.


  • Camp will run Monday-Friday, 9:00 AM until 12:00 PM.

  • Located at 8310 Dorchester Road in North Charleston, SC.


    • Week 3 | 6/24-6/28

    • Week 6 | 7/22-7/26

Five days of cooking, baking, physical fitness, and fun! Camp Cook and Glow’s Culinary Boot Camp is geared towards older children and is a holistic nutrition-based camp. Not only will these little chefs learn how to cook different recipes and kitchen safety, but they will also learn to find balance in life with nutritious food, self-care, and stress management.

All tasks in the kitchen and gym are age-appropriate, geared towards their skill level and most importantly, FUN activities that change daily!

Each day ends with some type of physical activity where we show children fitness can be fun.

Camp Schedule

MONDAY - Let’s Get Baking. We’ll be learning how to read recipes, getting an in-depth kitchen tour.

We’re Cooking! Learn 2 Baking Recipes  

TUESDAY - All About Breakfast. How to use a knife, other kitchen skills, and recipe conversions.

We’re Cooking! Learn 2 Breakfast Recipes

WEDNESDAY - All Sorts of Veggies and Sides. Learning about plant-based food and healthy side dish alternatives.

We’re Cooking! Learn 2 Side Recipes

THURSDAY - Let’s Talk Meat & Poultry. Fabricating a chicken, learning about dry and wet rubs, marinating, seasonings.

We’re Cooking! Learn 2 Meat & Poultry Recipes

FRIDAY - Light Lunches. How to meal prep and why cooking once and eating twice is important.

We’re Cooking! Learn 2 Light Lunch Recipes

*Camp curriculum may be subject to change.

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