007 The Day After

The Day After

First call of the day comes in. It’s the captain. He wants to know what the doctor said and when I will be back at work.

He does not ask me how I am doing. He does not tell me to get better soon.

Alrighty then. I take a muscle relaxer and get back in the bed.

I shiver uncontrollably under the covers, but I’m not cold. I’m not sure what I am feeling or what thoughts to have.

Stumped By Numbers

After a long slumber, I go to the kitchen to heat up water for tea.

I put the cup filled with water in the microwave and shut the door.

I don’t know what comes next.

The numbers on the keypad mean nothing to me.

I just want to add thirty seconds, that seems right. The microwave starts and stops, starts and stops.

I open the door to the microwave and slam it shut in frustration.

Photo credit: Unsplash @sloppyperfectionist

Photo credit: Unsplash @sloppyperfectionist

Missing Pieces of a Jigsaw Puzzle

What else is missing from my head?

I know who I am, my birthday, age, my husband, and where I work.

I know I run Palmetto Kids Cooking from my home office, but I am bewildered as I begin to quiz myself.

I feel like that is all I know…. and yet I know there is more.

I start with my children, their full names, and birth dates.

The information doesn’t show up quickly.

I have to put some thought into retrieving basic information, at least it is there.

Who Are These Little Strangers

It’s a different story when I get to my grandchildren. Their full names and birth dates stump me.

I have absolutely no idea what my grandson’s last name is.

For the record, he has the same last name as both his parents and his sister – I just couldn’t remember that connecting detail.

Forced Meditation

The Worker’s Compensation nurse case manager calls to check on me.

I tell her about the microwave.

She makes an appointment for me to see the neurologist and sends a car to pick me up for the appointment.

The neurologist agrees with the diagnosis of concussion and orders total brain rest.

How do I do that?

She tells me to be vigilant because the first two weeks are crucial to recovery.

She insists on zero screen time, which means no phone, no TV, no computer, and no tablets.

I am a very compliant patient.

I use ear plugs and a sleeping mask.

Total brain rest. You should try it sometime. It’s a trip.


MARCH 2019

Have you even had to ‘brain rest’? Our brains operate the whole show, why do we take it for granted?

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