010 Where Do We Go From Here?

I Didn’t Come This Far, To Only Come This Far

It’s been over a year since the traumatic brain injury. I’m still under the care of a neurologist, and I am so grateful to have come this far in my recovery.

I reached out to the boy’s aunt, the one who posted the before and after pictures. My young friend has brain damage because of the lack of oxygen that occurred before CPR was administered. I follow his journey on his Facebook page.

I am certain God gave this young man’s image to me to keep me in the fight.

The fight to get well, and the fight to get back up and participate in life to help others like him.

What Did We Learn From This?

When my kids were little, we would talk about what we learned from a mistake or an unfortunate event. What would we do differently in another situation in order to produce a better outcome.

It’s time to ask myself the same thing.

I learned that you don’t have to get knocked out to seriously injure the gelatinous goo inside your dome.

The first blow probably was hard enough to create a concussion, but the second blow is what caused the Post Concussion Syndrome.

I learned that tiptoeing around the subject of childhood obesity and diet-related diseases in children in order to not offend the caregiver is a stupid idea. It does nothing to fix the problem. The one who suffers in the long run is the child.

This whole experience taught me to listen to the guiding voice inside me. I have been given a passion, or mission, whatever you might call it. It has been planted so deeply inside my heart, not even a brain injury could lighten the weight of it.

How dare I take any advice that does not move the needle in creating a solution for what weighs on my heart?

A year of my life has been taken from me. I won’t get it back. I will make every minute of the rest of my life count.

I believe everything happens for a reason.

I was meant to be at DJJ. As I said before, you will never convince me that there is no connection between the chemicals and food dyes and bad behavior. The crap processed foods absolutely impact mood, behavior and appetite. The kids are fed low nutrient foods that are engineered to keep them hungry. The result? A lot of ‘hangry’ hyped up kids.

If you or your company want to do studies on how chemicals and food dyes impact behavior, spend some time in the units of a juvenile detention/evaluation center.

Go where the kids are. Investigate what they are being fed. Don’t tell me that you can’t do a study on kids by FEEDING THEM REAL FOOD.

There is more value on everything in my life because life is so precious and short.

I am grateful for these lessons.

Attracting High-minded People

Since clarity has returned, I am attracting incredible people into my life who are on the same mission to annihilate diet-related childhood diseases.

These angels are ready to lock elbows with me to finish what I started, and to compensate for abilities I lost.

One of those angels is now my business partner. Some would say it was a leap of faith, but I have never been so sure of anything before. Asking Keri to join me just makes good sense. We are both passionate about educating children about nourishing their bodies and improving food literacy. I have admired Keri’s work ethic as we worked together on several other projects over the past few years. We really do go together like peanut butter and jelly.

I am so excited for the future and how we will change lives. The foundation to make the next generation strong is solid!



MARCH 2019

Has there been a time in your life when you needed to fight to get well and/or fight to get back up? Share below.

You can also email me at kathy@palmettokidscooking.com with any questions.