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Grab you BUD, whether it be your child, grandchild, niece, nephew, or young friend, and spend some quality time in our kitchen!

Each TasteBUDS class will focus on a particular theme during the 6 week series. We will teach valuable kitchen lessons, life skills, new healthy recipes, and more, all while you enjoy a great time cooking together.

Please note that these classes are sold in pairs of 2 and we limit classes to 10 pairs (20 people maximum). Space is limited. Pairs must consist of two people ages 9 or above. Two children or an adult and one child are considered a pair. No add-on participants are permitted.

Kids ages 9-17; Parents, Grandparents, or Caregivers of any age.

$75 per pair per class or $400 for the entire 6 week series (Save $50!)

Classes are held on Monday or Tuesday Evenings from 6:00 PM-7:30 PM at 8310 Dorchester Rd., North Charleston.



Week 1: Weekday Breakfast

Monday Class- August 5th

Tuesday Class- August 6th

Week 2: Healthy To-Go Lunches

Monday Class- August 12th

Tuesday Class- August 13th

Week 3: Mason Jar Salads

Monday Class- August 19th

Tuesday Class- August 20th

Week 4: Soups and Sandwiches

Monday Class- August 26th

Tuesday Class- August 27th

Week 5: Smart Snacks

Monday Class- September 9th

Tuesday Class- September 10th

Week 6: Intro to Meal Planning

Monday Class- September 9th

Tuesday Class- September 10th


Week 1: Stews

Monday Class- January 13th

Tuesday Class- January 14th

Week 2: One Pan Meals

Monday Class- January 20th

Tuesday Class- January 21st

Week 3: Super Bowl Snacks

Monday Class- January 27th

Tuesday Class- January 28th

Week 4: Comfort Food Favorites

Monday Class- February 3rd

Tuesday Class- February 4th

Week 5: Valentine Worthy Dishes

Monday Class- February 10th

Tuesday Class- February 11th

Week 6: Past President Favorites

Monday Class- February 17th

Tuesday Class- February 18th


Week 1: All About Pie

Monday Class- October 7th

Tuesday Class- October 8th

Week 2: Pumped about Pumpkin

Monday Class- October 14th

Tuesday Class- October 15th

Week 3: Healthy Holiday Side Dishes

Monday Class- October 21st

Tuesday Class- October 22nd

Week 4: Halloween Fun

Monday Class- October 28th

Tuesday Class- October 29th

Week 5: Turkey Leftovers

Monday Class- November 4th

Tuesday Class- November 5th

Week 6: We’re Talking Turkey

Monday Class- November 18th

Tuesday Class- November 19th


Week 1: Salads & Sides

Monday Class- March 2nd

Tuesday Class- March 3rd

Week 2: Brunch

Monday Class- March 9th

Tuesday Class- March 10th

Week 3: St. Patrick’s Day Fun

Monday Class- March 16th

Tuesday Class- March 17th

Week 4: Meatless Meals

Monday Class- March 23rd

Tuesday Class- March 24th

Week 5: Appetizers & Dips

Monday Class- March 30th

Tuesday Class- March 31st

Week 6: Desserts to Share

Monday Class- April 6th

Tuesday Class- April 7th